Dental Laser Therapy

How Your Dentist Uses Laser Therapy

Dental lasers activate a process called bio stimulation that kills bacteria, the main cause of most oral health issues. Dr. Caldwell, Dr. Juriansz, or Dr. Sanchez holds the lightweight laser in one hand and shines the activating light in the area of your mouth requiring treatment. The laser delivers energy to your teeth or gums at different wavelengths. The light energy it produces can remove small layers of gum or tooth material while not disturbing the tissue lying underneath the surface.

Some immediate benefits of killing bacteria via bio stimulation include:

  • Desensitize the root surface of the teeth to lessen the impact of tooth sensitivity
  • Eliminate pain caused by canker sores and cold sores
  • Reduce bleeding
  • Reduce periodontal pockets associated with gum disease

Laser therapy in Sun City, Arizona is a natural topical that uses light therapy to bring about the desired result. You experience little to no discomfort during a dental laser therapy session because the laser never makes contact with your teeth or gum tissues. This minimally invasive treatment option is ideal for patients with dental anxiety who have put off the services they need due to fear of pain.

The benefits of dental laser therapy are apparent right away. One example is patients who struggle with tooth sensitivity. They do not leave the office experiencing the same level of discomfort they had when the appointment started. If your oral health is not what you would like it to be, consider whether this new treatment option could be just what you need.

Common Procedures Performed with Dental Laser Therapy

Treatment of gum disease is a typical use for this new FDA-approved therapy. The laser removes diseased gum tissue to allow healthy new gum tissue to grow in its place. Other common uses of our dental laser include:

  • Cosmetic reshaping of gums to expose more of the teeth due to a gummy-looking smile or when repairing gums after removing tissue due to disease
  • Prepare tooth enamel to receive a dental filling
  • Remove bacteria during a root canal
  • Remove bacteria from the roots of teeth and the gums
  • Remove lesions in the mouth
  • Take a biopsy of tissue in the mouth when diagnosing or ruling out oral cancer

Keep in mind, that this is not an all-inclusive list of the services our dentists can provide with laser therapy. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with our Arizona dental practice to discuss your specific issue and learn whether you are a good candidate for this new service.

Every SunWest Team Member Has Earned Laser Therapy Certification

Every dentist, dental assistant, and hygienist at our Sun City location has completed advanced training in laser therapy and passed an exam from Dental Laser Integrations to earn certification. We use evidence-based science to make recommendations based on your oral health needs. Our team has also implemented strict protocols to ensure that laser therapy and every other procedure we complete is safe, effective, and comfortable for you.

Any member of our staff would be happy to answer your questions about dental laser therapy.

Please contact us today or ask us about it at your next preventive care appointment.