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Sun City Bowling Association

The Sun City Bowling Association is a fantastic opportunity to be active, build relationships, and have fun! This association dates back to 1986 as a way to maintain bowling fellowship. Through this bowling association, you can partake in tournaments, get instruction for better bowling, and achieve sponsorship for your leagues. Every year, they have big tournaments where you can compete and show off how hard you’ve been working on your skill all year.

sun city bowling associationAlthough you may not think so, bowling actually has great health benefits. Bowling is a way of exercise comparable to walking or even lifting free weights. As a low impact, low stress exercise, it is a great way to build and work on muscles that typical exercises might not reach. Bowling can work joints, ligaments, muscles ignored in daily activities, and provide anaerobic exercise without overwhelming your body. And all while having a good time with friends!

If you want to be a part of this association, you simply just have to pay an annual fee of $2. What a bargain! You can find the application to join at Bell Lanes or Lake View Lanes. However, you must be a resident of Sun City.