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The History of Sun City

The Phoenix suburb of Sun City covers 14 square miles, bounded by Olive Avenue, Beardsley Road and 91st and 111th avenues. A planned city from the start, Sun City has become home to many baby boomers, the largest wave of retirees in history. Here’s a glimpse at the 55 year history of the original Sun… Read more

sun city aerial view

Phoenix Boys Choir: Winter Wonderland

The Phoenix Boys Choir is putting on a Winter Wonderland concert, that is sure to be a fun holiday night for the entire family. The Phoenix Boys Choir is made up of 125 boys, ages 7-14 and was founded in 1947. The choir has performed all over the world, for all types of events. They’ve… Read more

phoenix boys choir in sun city

Sun City Bowling Association

The Sun City Bowling Association is a fantastic opportunity to be active, build relationships, and have fun! This association dates back to 1986 as a way to maintain bowling fellowship. Through this bowling association, you can partake in tournaments, get instruction for better bowling, and achieve sponsorship for your leagues. Every year, they have big… Read more

sun city bowling association

Are Dentures the Right Choice for Me?

Needing to have a big dental procedure is scary for most people. Having to make the decision of whether or not to get that procedure done is the first, frightening step. Falling into that category is deciding if dentures are needed or not. Let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of dentures, so anyone… Read more

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About the West Valley Symphony and its History

Since 1968, the West Valley has been home to a renowned group of musicians that compose the West Valley Symphony. Known as different names throughout the years, such as Sun City Symphony and Sun Cities Symphony, the West Valley Symphony has entertained patrons in Arizona since their first show on December 15h, 1968. Playing for… Read more

west valley symphony